Burnside Community Baptist Church Sunday School aims to improves attendees Bible knowledge and helps them become more proficient in using God’s Word.

The Deacons Board is comprised of men and women (deaconess) who are either recommended by the congregation or may or may not be appointed by the Pastor to hold the honorable position of deacon.

Burnside’s Elder Sister Ministry provides spiritual guidance, learning opportunities and ministries that model Christian Womanhood.

Especially for You (E.F.Y.) began over two decades ago. It was the vision the founding Pastor, Pastor Florezel Porter. It is an in the road feeding ministry. (Restaurant Style)

The Missions Ministry is an outreach Ministry that assist and guide people who have an ongoing spiritual need.

The Mothers Board is comprised of respected older women who help support and nurture younger women and the church.

Burnside Community Baptist Church’s Multimedia Ministry shares the word of God with the world using printed materials, technology and social media.

We use music to lift praise to God and lead His people in worship whenever we gather in God's house and in His name.

As directed by the word of God in using our gifts and talents, the Nurses Ministry provides care to others who have health needs.

Biblical Counseling is the process by which the Bible and God’s Word, is related to an individual or an individual’s specific circumstances.

Prayer in the Park is an opportunity for all Burnside Community Baptist Church members and the Burnside Community, including other churches, to connect in one place and pray for the church, the community and the world.

The Transportation Ministry provides transportation to and from church, for members and non-members who have no other means of transportation to the 10:30 am s worship and to church celebrations, events and other activities.

The trustees of the Burnside Community Baptist Church strive through the power of the Holy Spirit, to manage the material possessions and oversee the financial matters of the church.

The ministry of ushering is a vital part of worship. Ushers are some of the most visible people in the church and are often the first people attendees encounter upon entering the church.

We have a variety of programs for youth!

If you are looking for a place to serve, look no further! There is a place for you and a great need for your time, talents and resources at BCBC, “Where the people have a mind to work.”

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